Don’t Be Stupid: The Huskies Should Never Fire Lorenzo Romar

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One thought on “Don’t Be Stupid: The Huskies Should Never Fire Lorenzo Romar

  1. Well said! I hate the “we could do better fans”. Tell me who is gonna be better and I’ll listen. Most programs (minus the royalty – KU, UNC, DUKE, etc.) have a bad year every now an then, but firing your coach for one or even two so-so years is idiotic. Romar is a good coach and has been great for our program and has recruited better than anyone we have ever had including Bender (he had 2 good years and the rest was trash). As a basketball junky do I occasionally disagree with his decisions yes I do, but I also disagreed when he put so much faith in Will Conroy early in his career and when he continued to feed the rock to Pondexter his sophomore year when he was struggling. He has built a good program with an enthusiastic fan base from one that could hardly sell tickets in the cheap seats. If two mediocre years turns into 3, 4, 5 years we can talk, but ask some of the other Pac-12 schools how firing guys quick has worked out for them.

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