The Reunion Of The Seahawks & Incompetency

Shit man, we’re like 3 weeks away from the NFL Draft. I’m finished speculating about what we might do in the first round though. At this point, I’m fully prepared to give up on this season.

To be more specific: I’m fully prepared to give up on even winning FIVE GAMES this season. At this point, I just want the Seahawks to draft Eric Berry 6 and C.J. Spiller 14 and call it a day. Because surely my hair-brained notion of drafting OL and QB is going right out the window thanks to Charlie Whitehurst and our offensive line coach. Bah!

Here, read THIS. It explains a lot about the relationship between me and the Seahawks. Those years with Mike Holmgren aside.

See, it always felt like Mike Holmgren had a plan, you know? He had his offensive system – a proven system that produced winners in San Francisco and Green Bay – and he had a knack for finding not only Quarterback talent, but coaching talent put in place around him to help out in all those areas he didn’t have time for. I mean, just LOOK at all the head coaches who used to work for the man! That’s a direct result of a man with a good head on his shoulders.

Did all of Holmgren’s moves pan out? Of course not. Nobody has a perfect track record of drafting and bringing in free agents. Lamar King comes immediately to mind, but that’s neither here nor there. The point is, he won more games than he lost, he gave the Seahawks their best chance to win a Super Bowl EVER, and that’s saying a lot because before he got here this was a franchise in total disarray.

It appears the disarray has returned with a vengeance.

In that article I linked to above, Art Thiel introduces us to Andre Hines, for those of us who aren’t old enough to remember. I quote:

“Longtime Seahawks fans may recall that Hines was an offensive tackle from Stanford the Seahawks took with a second-round pick in the 1980 draft. Problem was, the Seahawks actually wanted his teammate, Brian Holloway, an All-America selection.”

See, this is the kind of crap we all have to put up with as Seahawks fans! These are the kinds of blunders the Pittsburgh Steelers never make! They don’t have any Brian Bosworth’s on their resume. They’ve never taken a running quarterback from Notre Dame with the Number 2 overall pick. They haven’t botched anything even remotely resembling the Steve Hutchinson debacle.

And, as far as I know, they’ve never swapped 2nd round picks, given away a 4th rounder, and handed over $8 million all in acquiring a 3rd string quarterback whose biggest accomplishment is losing three turnovers to the Seahawks B-Squad defense in a preseason game last year.

This is the sort of move the Seahawks did all the time before Mike Holmgren got here. I had hoped he might have broken the curse, but let’s face it, even Holmgren couldn’t fix the bad juju hanging over this organization. Hell, the Seahawks were doing dumb shit like this even when he was still head coach (see: making Jim Mora the successor before Holmgren had even declared his resignation).

Look, I’m more than willing to give Pete Carroll and John Schneider a chance. I have to, I don’t have any other option. Just don’t piss in my coffee maker and call it Taster’s Choice, all right? I see what you’re doing here. It’s all over your faces.

Even if the price is exorbitant, I understand going after Charlie Whitehurst. A team needs a quarterback of the future, and this guy has the same chance to be a Great Success as any douche we’d draft this year. Likewise, we aren’t getting Sam Bradford and we’re unlikely to get that Notre Dame guy (the consensus 2nd best quarterback in this draft), so I’m sure Whitehurst projects as being better (and more ready) than anyone else in this year’s draft. Since it’s all a crapshoot anyway, why not give it a shot?

It appears we’re setting the table for this year’s draft by what we’ve done so far in free agency. By giving away all the crap we don’t want (Deon Grant, Darryl Tapp, Cory Redding, Nate Burleson, Rob Sims … any day now) I now believe we won’t be as conservative as I once imagined.

If we don’t trade down in the first round – maybe to re-acquire a 3rd round pick – then I’m pretty sure we WILL get Eric Berry with our #6. Leaving our #14 as either C.J. Spiller or Best Defensive End Available (I’d put money on the latter). 2nd Round pick will likely be an offensive lineman that “fits the zone blocking scheme”.

Of course, that’s just what fits under my Common Sense ideal of what the Seahawks will do. Nothing they’ve done this offseason, however, has coincided with Common Sense, so who the fuck knows what’s going to happen?

One thing’s for certain: don’t be shocked if we end up 2-14 next year. We play the NFC South (Saints, Falcons, Bucs, Panthers) and the AFC West (Chargers, Broncos, Chiefs, Raiders); as well as the Giants and the Bears (both either better than us last year and/or much improved in their offseason moves). I could see us losing to pretty much all the teams on our schedule except the Rams; and you never know what could happen on the road.

Like I said, I see what they’re doing here. They’re setting the team up for a top draft choice in 2011. Jake Locker, baby. Jake Locker.

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