A Paragraph With The Mariners – 1

((This is going to be a running series, in an attempt to voice opinion/criticism on a regular basis without bombarding this thing with full-blown posts. The idea is simple: one paragraph about whatever’s going on in Marinerland during what I’m hoping will become a wild and crazy season – aside from this one explaining the premise, obviously. Let the style police quibble over some of the longer paragraphs I’m sure to have all they want, but this is how it’s going down))

Indeed the 6-man bullpen isn’t going to work. Not this early in the season, and not with this starting rotation. Most starters aren’t built up to their mid-season capabilities in the first month, so of COURSE you’re going to run into more instances of high pitch counts in lower innings. I liked the idea going in, but that’s because I like Mike Sweeney, and it appears that it’s his head on the chopping block. Still, I’m hard-pressed to see what kind of an offensive value Eric Byrnes will give you; and they appear to be reluctant at best to give ANY playing time to Tui. But, it’s the guy with the steadiest of strokes at the plate that will likely get the axe. Whatever. By the way, not to harp on the GM too much, but I’ve never been crazy about Brandon League. I’d be a little concerned given his rocky start thus far.

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