A Paragraph With The Mariners – 2

1-3 after one anemic series in Oakland. What can you say? It hasn’t been the best first week. Optimistically, you could say the Mariners COULD be 3-1 right now, had they simply forced an 11th inning in Game 2, and had the bullpen held the lead in Game 3. Realistically, disturbing trends are afoot. The bullpen blew 2 leads; the offense has been pretty awful, especially against left-handed junkball pitchers; the non-Felix starters have been anything but world-beaters (it’s hard to credit Snell too much when it WAS Oakland’s offense he faced). But, look, there are positives to take out of this too (for instance, Snell DID go 6 innings and only gave up 1 run). Rowland-Smith is bound to be better, Ichiro is always cold in April, Figgins and Bradley aren’t as bad as their averages indicate; besides all that, Oakland is a decent team with solid pitching. Now we’re in Texas and we’ve GOT to find a way to win 2 of 3 to salvage this initial road trip heading into the opener at Safeco next week. I’m looking for Vargas to slow the bleeding tonight with surprising effectiveness and I’m looking for Felix to come back even stronger than he was on Monday (and I’m looking for a wing and a prayer out of Snell for a *fingers crossed* sweep). Let’s go boys, keep the bandwagon alive!

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