A Paragraph With The Mariners – 4

Full disclosure: I hate the fucking A’s. I hate them more than every other fucking baseball team except the Yankees, and I haven’t even really had that much of an opportunity to hate on the Yankees because we only play them a few times a year compared to the fucking A’s. Even when Oakland is shitty, they still manage to find a way to kick our asses. Which is what made last season so special; we only lost something like 5 games out of 19 to the fucking A’s. It’s especially infuriating because they’re DOING what we WANT to do. They’re winning with pitching and defense and it’s pissing me the fuck off. I HATE LOSING TO THE FUCKING A’S!!! God damn mongrel fucking pieces of shit. Enjoy it while it lasts chickenfuckers, because you won’t keep this shit up all season.

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