A Paragraph With The Mariners – 5

What a blast by Milton Bradley! Now we’re talkin’! Not much else to get excited about. I thought it was a little odd that Sweeney didn’t bunt Lopez over to kick off the bottom of the 8th, but I guess that doesn’t matter when he ends up walking and Bradley ends up jacking a 3-run bomb. But, for as amazing as that was in a no-score tie-game, I’ve got to remember this feeling of awe and respect I’m feeling right now for Douglas Fister, for the next time he gets shelled. Because he was the MAN going 8 innings of shutout ball, throwing 100 pitches, and giving up only 3 hits while walking 0. He helped the bullpen who hasn’t had one damn day of rest, he kept the team in the ballgame until the offense finally scored after putting up 20 consecutive 0’s, AND, he’s the first starting pitcher for the Seattle Mariners in 2010 to get a Win. Who had that in their office pool? Of course, we can’t expect Fister to come out and do that every game; and this WAS the Oakland A’s offense which is only marginally better than ours, and whose only scary player at the plate is a catcher named Kurt Suzuki. Besides that, his fastball tops out at, what, 90mph? And it’s not like he mixes in his pitches; he’s primarily a fastball pitcher. But, when he can get that change-up over the plate, DAMN is it effective! Just wish I saw it more than 10% of the time. Nevertheless, going 8 innings and giving up 0 runs to a major league ballclub is cause for great joy. Anybody who can do that officially BELONGS in MLB. So, welcome to the party, Doug Fister. Now, go do it again next Monday against Baltimore.

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