A Paragraph With The Mariners – 8

I would be remiss to not even mention the game I attended last night, just because it’s a Saturday and all. I’ll leave everything else for Monday, but the game itself: WOW! The offense came unglued for 11 runs! This was a laugher by the 5th inning. Felix was apparently quite nasty in going 6.2 innings of 2-run ball with 9 strikeouts; I couldn’t tell because we were 300-level behind home plate. It looked to ME, from the poor perspective, like he couldn’t get his breaking pitches anywhere near the plate and that Rob Johnson was having a hell of a time controlling this lack of command. Apparently that was intentional … and Rob Johnson was having a hell of a time. Kudos to the bats, big ups to Franklin Gutierrez – GUTI-us Maximus! Ha Ha! 2-run triple was, I believe, the only extra base hit of the night. But, there were double-digit singles and, like, 6 walks. Bonderman looked like Bonderwoman … HI-yo! I’m here all weekend, folks. We play Verlander tonight; so unless a miracle befalls Safeco Field, we’ll be shooting for a rubber-match victory tomorrow afternoon.

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