A Paragraph With The Mariners – 10

A lot to be excited about in Marinerland right now. A winning record (8-7) with Felix going tonight against the inept Baltimore Orioles. Anything short of a sweep would be a collosal disappointment, even if they do have Kevin Millwood going. Likewise, Guti looked good last night, so let’s hope they’re right when they say it was just “stiffness” and not a groin pull … there’s something dirty about this sentence, I just don’t know what. Oh yeah, and Cliff Lee’s throwing pain-free! Meaning he’s a bullpen session and a rehab start away from rejoining the ballclub; it’s all a matter of getting his pitch count back up against live hitting at this point. May 2nd is the target return date. Not only that, but Erik Bedard is said to be making excellent progress as well! That’s two ace left-handers we could have in our rotation by June. Picture this front four: Felix, Lee, Bedard, Rowland-Smith … so who’s 5? Fister’s been dazzling me as of late, Snell is who we thought he was (an inconsistent, .500 pitcher), and Vargas? He only went 7 innings of 3-hit, 1-run ball last night. I can’t see this team throwing out 4 left-handed starters, but then again, I can’t see them shoe-horning Ian Snell in there just for the sake of having another righty. Either way, I get the feeling that Fister will be pitching for the Tacoma Rainiers by the All Star Break (of course, if he can keep up what he’s done thus far, he might also be excellent Trade Bait for a certain team playing in a Whale’s Vagina that has a power hitter by the name of Adrian Gonzalez who’d be an excellent DH fit for our ballclub …).

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