Today Is The Greatest / Day I’ve Ever Known (in the 2009 NFL season)

(I had this title and intro all thought out in my head last night just before I went to sleep … go with it)

Every team has a Best Day in an NFL season. For some, it’s the day they clinch their division title, for others it’s the day they clinch a wildcard spot. For a few, it’s a playoff victory, and for fewer still it’s reaching a conference title game or even the Super Bowl. And for 1 lucky team out of a possible 32, the best day in your season will be the day you win the Super Bowl, followed by the celebratory parade shortly after (followed by, if you live in New Orleans, the bender of all benders as Mardi Gras slides into full swing).

For all the losers out there, those who’ve been out of the race since October, those who suffered through injuries and mediocrity and GMs being fired and Head Coaches being fired and Steve Spurrier Urban Meyer Butch Davis Dennis Erickson Pete Carroll being hired and Charlie Whitehurst being annointed as The Future Of The Franchise armed solely with the track record of being a 3rd stringer for San Diego … the best day of the 2009 season doesn’t even happen IN 2009.

It happens today, at 4:30pm PDT, when the NFL – for the first time ever – enters the Thursday Primetime lineup for Round 1 of the 2010 Draft.

I for one can’t wait. Will they go Offensive Tackle/Defensive End like a sensible team? Will they go Offensive Tackle/Running Back in hopes to energize a lackluster fanbase? Will they go Safety/Running Back so Matt Hasselbeck gets killed for yet another season behind a string-cheese offensive line? Will they trade for Ben Roethlisberger and completely alienate every last living and breathing Seahawks fan?

I’m, like, 97% sure that would never happen, but I wouldn’t put it past them. I’m pretty sure the Seahawks could sign Clayton Bennett to play quarterback and the fans would prefer it to Ben Roethlisberger. Just imagine what a pick-me-up he’d be for our offense after the 6-game suspension! We already know he can take a sack! He’d be PERFECT for this offensive line!

All right, calm down, let’s not go crazy.

In reality, the Seahawks SHOULD go OT/DE with the 6th and 14th pick. No trades, no funny stuff. Of course, a part of me REALLY wants Eric Berry as our starting safety for the next decade. That same part of me wants that Clemson running back handling our kickoffs and being a home run threat on offense for 15 plays a game. But, that part of me is FOOLISH, and needs to look at the bigger picture. I know this. But still …

The only way I’m going to be REALLY upset is if we draft a quarterback like Clausen, Tebow, or McCoy. Because what was all that Whitehurst bullshit about? I’ll be less upset, but still kinda peeved, if we end up trading down a bunch. Unless we’re getting back into the 3rd round or moving up in the 2nd round, I don’t see the point in compiling a bunch of 4th rounders or later. Those guys almost NEVER pan out.

Other than that, I’m all good. Let’s go, Seahawks. Let’s enjoy the best day of the 2009 season.

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