A Paragraph With The Mariners – 13

I thought I’d let a few hours pass in hopes that I’d cool off, but this is nagging the living hell out of me. This White Sox lineup is a joke; an inversely proportional joke to what this Seattle Mariners lineup is: they’re a bunch of fucking hackers who need to hit the Long Ball to score runs and win games. If they’re not belting them out, they’re a pretty-much worthless gaggle of batters, plain and simple. Andruw Jones? Alex Rios? Paul Konerko? Not to mention the fact that we’re the only team in the majors who can’t seem to keep Juan Fucking Pierre off the bases. We should’ve won both of these fucking games, but timely homers on their part combined with timely bad relieving on our part really screwed the God damn pooch. I don’t like the Mariners away from Safeco; I don’t like them one bit. But, we have GOT to find a way to play something resembling .500 ball on the road or this year will be hopeless. Unfortunately, that’s going to require a sweep of Kansas City, because there’s no way we’re beating Danks with Vargas on the mound. Bet the farm; he’s too good and Vargas is too reliant on getting fly ball outs that – in Chicago – routinely turn into bitch-ass home runs. See: Jose Lopez’s Grand Salami in Friday night’s game.

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