A Paragraph With The Mariners – 14

And, as I suspected, swept by the White Sox. Just a frustrating series any way you slice it. I don’t have much to say about it except that we have the thinnest bench in the majors – and I know nothing about the other 29 teams. With Byrnes in for Bradley (nagging calf injury that’s not bad enough to force him to the DL) and Tui in for Wilson (hand injury that’s not bad enough to force him to the DL), that just leaves a backup catcher and a pinch hitter who can’t play the field (Griffey/Sweeney). Hence the need for Hannahan, even if his bat is Jack Wilson-lite. Now we play the Royals who have a lot of ex-Mariners who’d love nothing more than to stick it to the current-Mariners, including Jose Guillen and Yuniesky Betancourt (who saves all his big hits for when he plays us). Fortunately, this is a Felix series, so pencil us for at least one win. Also, be on the lookout for how Ian Snell performs in his final start before being thrust into the bullpen to make room for Cliff Lee. Here’s to hoping he leaves the rotation with class; and gives the coaches every reason to reinstate him once someone else gets injured or under-performs. Here’s to hoping also that Ryan Rowland-Smith’s late-season form comes back, otherwise HE may be the one rocking the bullpen before summer hits.

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