Twenty Ten Round Two Thru Seven: Leading The League In Past-Prime Backs

We got an A from Mel Kiper! I don’t think that’s ever happened before. I also don’t know if that’s necessarily a good thing.

For one, I feel like these grades rely too much on people who can step in Right Away and help us Win Ballgames. For two, these grades rely too much on perceived talent. For three, these perceptions are made by goons who spend way too much time watching college football. And, for four, Mel Kiper is a tool.

That being said, I’m a big fan of what the Seahawks did this weekend, LenDale White notwithstanding.

I LOVE Leon Washington. I’ve loved him mostly from afar, as a Fantasy Football player who’s oft-used him as an emergency running back in hopes that he’d break a long run, a kick return for a TD, or catch 5 balls for 55 yards during a regular starter’s bye week. Leon Washington can do pretty much everything and is FINALLY the pass-catching guy out of the backfield we’ve been lacking since the days of John L. Williams.

As for the actual draft picks after Round One, LOVE Golden Tate. He’s fast, he’s shifty, he’s the slot-receiver of the future and the kick-returner of today. And I think he’ll play bigger than his short frame indicates.

After the third round, it’s hard to expect too much from draft picks outside of contributing on Special Teams. Thurmond is a cornerback who was injured in college and would’ve otherwise been picked higher had he been healthy. I like it when teams go this route, because you know the potential is there; and frankly, there’s a threat of injury for everyone. You never know when it’ll happen, so you might as well draft for talent over not drafting out of fear of someone getting freakishly hurt again.

E.J. Wilson looks to be another Defensive End who’ll rarely touch the quarterback, but apparently he’s decent against the run. There weren’t a whole lot of quality Ends available when the Seahawks were picking, so I don’t blame them for not reaching. Hopefully Wilson can hold his own.

Chancellor is another safety, picked in the 5th round. Looks to be a special teamer/practice squad guy.

The first USC guy we got from our 6th Round pick. Another tight end, Anthony McCoy. Man, we are loading up at this position; I guess they’re right when they say we’re going to be in a lot of 2-TE sets. Apparently, this guy is a good blocker. Could be another practice squad candidate.

Dexter Davis, in the 7th round, is a linebacker from ASU. He’ll be looking to replace Lance Laury on special teams; he better know how to tackle.

Jameson Konz out of Kent State is listed as a FB on ESPN, but apparently he’s an athletic freak of nature who’ll be trying out at WR. This guy might be the most interesting cat we drafted after the 2nd Round; seems to be hella-raw. Definite Practice Squad potential.

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