A Paragraph With The Mariners – 15

The Griffey Situation is a topic that’s pretty much been beaten to death in print and on the blogs. At what point do we deem the project a failure and cut our losses? Do you give him a month? That’s up this Friday. Do you give him two months? That’s a big risk because if you start lagging behind the competition at the end of May, there isn’t much hope. And besides that, even if he does come out of the fog and start hitting – what’s his ceiling? Obviously, Griffey’s not a .300 hitter. I would argue it’s just as crazy to think he’s a .270 hitter. Best-Case-Scenario, he hits .250 and manages to come around for 15 home runs. There are 6 months in a season, so let’s say we are just about 1/6 of the way through 2010: Griffey has 0 home runs and only 4 RBI in 50 at bats (with 4 walks and just the 1 double). Look, I love the guy as much as anyone who was in Seattle in 1995, but at what point do you look at grandma sitting there in the hospital bed with tubes in her face before you tell her, “Look, you’re a drain on our bank account, you’re a drain on our emotions. What are you still holding on for? Let us pull the plug already! It’s been a year and change!” Or, shit, Christ, don’t pull the plug. But, let’s take a different route here! Get Mike Sweeney in there and play HIM 5 out of 7 games. Let him face righties AND lefties. The dude can still hit the ball hard, but he’s only had 19 at bats to show what he can do. One thing we can’t do is keep hoping and praying that Griffey manages to sneak a dribbler between 1st and 2nd base. Besides, let’s think ahead for a moment. Let’s say we’re still in the hunt come Trade Deadline. And let’s say we wheel and deal for another bat, and let’s SAY that bat is Adrian Gonzalez … where are you going to play him? Not first base, when you’ve got Kotchman who’s gone 200+ games without an error! You’re going to play any big bat you bring in at DH and you’re going to play him EVERY DAY. At some point this season, Griffey WILL get used to riding the pine. Or, he’ll get used to being on yet another losing baseball team before he retires. Someone will have to make the call.

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