A Paragraph With The Mariners – 19

I better keep this to a paragraph, lest I say something I regret. A quick recap: vs. Texas, Cliff Lee’s Seattle Debut, 7 shutout innings, 0-0 going into extras, Colby Lewis goes all 9 for the Rangers, we have two GIGANTIC scoring opportunities in the 10th and 11th with less than 2 outs … we lose 2-0 in the 12th. Oh, and I was at the game. Mike Sweeney looked about as pathetic as I’ve ever seen a hitter with the bases loaded, the infield drawn in, and only 1 out. What was the point of that? Jack Wilson could’ve EASILY done better; he’s not THAT bad of a hitter (not as bad as fucking Sweeney anyway); and Jack Wilson wouldn’t have had that throwing error in the 12th to move runners over. Eric Byrnes … I’m just going to say it, he’s a waste of fucking space and he needs to die. So far this year, we’ve seen him ALMOST make great plays and we’ve seen him suck shit-dicks every time he’s at bat. Screwing up that Suicide Squeeze with Ichiro … I don’t care if you have to fall on the ground and bunt the ball with your fucking face: you DON’T LET ICHIRO GET THROWN OUT AT FUCKING HOME YOU USELESS MOTHERFUCK! Wak, Z, it’s time. Put the two-headed Suck-u-ass that is Sweeney & Griffey (and Byrnes) to fucking bed. This team needs veterans it can count on, not vag-erans who can only muster some hits a few days a month. … OK, so I MIGHT have said some things that could be construed as regretful comments …

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