A Paragraph With The Mariners – 23

So, Milton Bradley has “emotional things in his life right now”. The insensitive half of me sees Tony Soprano screaming a la his mother, “Oh Poor You!” But, the rest of me feels that at least he’s trying. He’s seeking out help and not trying to take on the brunt of whatever shit’s going down all on his own. I have a feeling “emotional things” are bigger problems in sports that we absolutely don’t talk about, for whatever reason. If someone is playing shitty baseball/basketball/football, either we attribute it to them being injured (or secretly injured, or naggingly injured) or being Over The Hill (if not some other scapegoat we can brush out from under the rug). But, unless you’re Michael Jordan who can win championships right after his father dies, most people are going to be negatively affected by bad shit going on around them, and their play will suffer accordingly. Yet, we never hear about it until well after the fact; after we’ve already formulated a negative opinion about a player, because hey, we couldn’t possibly know that someone’s relative has cancer. I’m sure, sometime down the line, we’ll find out what’s going on in Milton’s life right now. Is it a sick/dying relative? Is it alcoholism? Is it a mental breakdown? Or is all of this a bunch of smoke and mirrors being used to disguise a team punishment for insubordination after a couple tough at-bats in another frustratingly inept loss? They don’t want to go out of their way to suspend the guy; that’s what EVERYONE does to Milton Bradley. So, they make vague reference to his “emotional things” and secretly enroll him in Anger Management Counselling. Call me cynical, but I hope that’s the case. Because anything more serious than that isn’t just a 2-week detour; it’s more like a 2-month journey into and hopefully out of the fog. As for last night’s 5th straight loss to start the 9-game homestand: the Tampa Bay Rays are the best team in baseball. Strike me down right now if anyone ever predicted that sentence being uttered five years ago.

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