A Paragraph With The Mariners – 25

0-8 on the homestand with number 9 playing as we speak = so long batting coach! Alan Cockrell, we hardly got to mock your last name, and now you’re gone. I always wonder what it is that makes a good/great batting or pitching coach. I think especially with hitting instructors it’s even more of a crapshoot; at least with pitchers you can detect something wrong with their mechanics. While hitting, I assume, utilizes “mechanics” of some kind as well, with each hitter able to have so many different ways to swing a bat, how can you tell if someone has something “wrong” with said mechanics? I mean, I don’t think anybody outside of Japan is teaching their little leaguers how to swing a bat like Ichiro. Yet, he’s one of the most effective hitters in Major League Baseball. And you can’t teach guys like Jose Lopez to swing at the strikes and watch the balls out of the zone. You can’t really teach someone like Griffey to not roll it over to 2nd base every time. What can you do to coach guys who’ve already been swinging a bat for decades, who’ve already had dozens of coaches telling them what to do throughout their lives? It would make more sense to just hire a Team Batting Psychiatrist to console the players whenever they go 0-4 with 3 strikeouts. Maybe a Team Batting Asian Massage Therapist to give our underperforming veterans some much-needed stress relief. I’m sure then guys like Milton Bradley would be far less prone for rage-filled outbursts. Every time you leave the bases loaded, you get a hand job! Win-win!

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