A Paragraph With The Mariners – 26

Problem solved! With a couple claps of our hands to clear away the dust and dirt of a job well done, we can rest easy with the knowledge that the Mariners scored 8 runs in beating the Angels by 7 to avoid an 0-9 homestand. For the record, we were 11-11 before Cliff Lee rejoined the team and now we’re 12-19. Methinks the team rested on some mighty big laurels when The Other Ace came back from his abdomen injury. Josh Wilson was the hero with his Double-Short-Of-The-Cycle yesterday. Props also to Michael Saunders for his homer and other quality at-bats. Always like to see it when the kids contribute. Funniest moment of yesterday’s game was shared by myself and anyone who listens to the pregame show on 710 ESPN. There’s this contest that corresponds with every M’s game, sponsored by Seven Cedars Casino. It goes like this: they draw a name before every game and if the Mariners score 7 runs (no more, no less) that day, then the person whose name was drawn wins $10,000. Well, I don’t know who was up for it yesterday, but if they were aware, they were certainly pulling their hair out in the bottom of the 8th. Bases loaded, 2 outs, and the pitcher is ahead of Guti in the count … only to lose him, walking in the final run and robbing whoever out of $10,000. For the record, that’s the 2nd time this year the M’s have scored an 8th run to ruin someone’s life. Ticked me pink, though.

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