A Paragraph With The Mariners – 27

How did we get here? To this point where Ken Griffey Jr. is sleeping on the job and Larry LaRue from the Tacoma News Tribune has him a week away from being shitcanned … how did we get HERE? Well, it all goes back to the offseason. Things are warm and fuzzy off of an 85-win season, everyone feels we’re just a couple pitchers and a couple bats away from contending, life is good. Almost immediately, they re-up with Griffey. I’ll admit, I liked the move. Yes, he only hit somewhere around .214 last year. But, he did play most of last year with a bum knee, and he still hit in the high-teens in home runs. For a guy who ended up playing, what, half the time? That’s not too bad. You figured with a successful offseason surgery, losing a few pounds, he was BOUND to do better than .214 and probably give you as many home runs! Of course, the key to my liking the offseason re-upping is the emphasis about how Griffey was willing to do “Anything” for this club. And I think all of us figured that meant Part-Time. Two, MAYBE three games a week tops. Platoon him with some young buck who likes to fuck and we’d be A-OK. Fast-forward to this season … you never can tell exactly when it’s all going to fall apart for a player, but apparently it has, with this one, in the first month. And yet, here’s Wak playing Griffey upwards of 5-6 times per week instead of what was essentially promised to us (without actually PROMISING us) in the offseason of 2-3 times per week. It goes without saying that this has befuddled not only the fans, but the media as well. Exacerbating things is Mike Sweeney’s presence on the ballclub; those of us who don’t think he’s totally 100% worthless would like to see HIM get those 5-6 starts per week to see if he’s got what it takes to lead with his wood. So, over time, the media gets curious: “How long until Wak loses faith in Griffey?” Believe me, that will be a HUGE story around here when it finally breaks. Which leads to last week, during some game where Griffey was on the bench. Apparently there was some at-bat where they could have used him to pinch hit for (we built this hitting on) Rob John-son … “So, why no Griffey?” And Wak hemmed and hawed and here we are. A little digging by Mr. LaRue unearths Griffey’s sleep disorder: napping in the clubhouse during games! Stop the Internet! Which leaves us with the current 8-game road trip to Baltimore, Tampa, and Oakland; will he indeed be asked to retire gracefully this week? Will they go so far as to cut a Seattle Icon? Or, will they do the God-damned sensible thing and fucking swap his role with Sweeney?!

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