A Paragraph With The Mariners – 28

I see Cliff Lee the same way I saw Kevin Durant when he played for the Sonics: probably only going to be here a year, so don’t get too attached. Of course, like KD, it’s hard NOT to. I had my suspicions when that whole abdomen scare hit in Spring Training, that maybe this was yet another trade bust brought on via the injury bug. But, a month lost and three starts in, Cliff Lee’s looking like the Real Deal and this Mariners team may go down in history as the One That Got Away. In all seriousness, this team is Tailor Made for the playoffs … except for the hitting. And, who knows, maybe that will turn around and we’ll get lucky by having the AL West continue to suck balls; but this pitching staff and ESPECIALLY this starting rotation would be lights-out in a 5 or 7 game series. Felix and Cliff Lee truly ARE #1 Aces, and even if Erik Bedard doesn’t pan out this season (which would be totally understandable considering the nature of the injury and the severity of the surgeries), both Fister and Vargas have shown a knack for not just keeping this underachieving team in all their ballgames, but a knack of pure domination. We’re like the mirror image of all those Late-90s Mariners teams who had all the offense in the world, but couldn’t pitch their way out of a wet nutsack. And it sucks, because our rotation won’t be this good for a long time. Because there’s no WAY Cliff Lee re-signs with this team (even though he’d be contending for Cy Youngs for the next 5 years by pitching half his games in Safeco). Just get any ideas to the contrary out of your mind; Cliff Lee won’t be a Mariner next year. Probably won’t be a Mariner come August, but that’s another gripe for another time.

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