A Paragraph With The Mariners – 29

I should probably get this one out while he’s still on the team. It’s funny, my quest to pick a Mariners jersey that’s both not traditional (Griffey, Ichiro, Felix, and to a lesser extent Gutierrez) but that’s also of a player doing well (…) has led me to choose a couple guys I root hard for, but who have up until now had pretty awful seasons. I think most of the baseball world feels like Chone Figgins will turn it around and still manage to have a productive season (The Curse Of The Seattle Free Agents aside). But, I think what surprises and hurts more is my favorite player – the easiest guy to root for on the team – Ryan Rowland-Smith, just isn’t getting it done to this point. Which SUCKS, because he’s pretty much the ONLY guy in the rotation not getting it done. I mean, who would’ve thought Doug Fister would still be here when the season started and we knew Cliff Lee was coming back in May? Hell, who predicted Jason Vargas would so thoroughly clamp down the role as Soft-Tossing, Yet-Somehow-Effective left-handed 5th starter? Now, with Bedard coming back in probably a month, the only guy after Felix I had any confidence in going into the season is the likeliest guy to be sent down to AAA to figure out how to throw strikes and, more importantly, put guys away once he’s already thrown them a couple strikes! I tell you, June 20th’s Ryan Rowland-Smith Poster Day is going to be one sad occasion when he’s in Tacoma. The thing is, one more start like yesterday’s and he might not even have to wait on Bedard’s return (who tossed a sim-game of 30-something pitches with no ill effects earlier in the day). Luke French is apparently tearing new assholes left and right in AAA. Ryan Rowland-Smith is on the precipice of disaster. I know he’d take a demotion as a professional, because he IS a good guy, but ultimately I feel like one more bad start will be the catalyst to not only his demotion, but eventually either his outright release from the team or his being a bargaining chip in some Jackie-Z mega-deal. So, come on RRS! Figure out whatever it takes to regain that mojo you had the last couple years! Aussie Aussie Aussie!

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