A Paragraph With The Mariners – 32

You know the season’s over when you stop caring when your team loses. Up until that point, each loss is another jab of the knife into the meaty part of the muscle, rendering the victim ever more frantic that the season is slipping through their grasp. Pessimists start doing the math – if the M’s play .640 ball the rest of the way, they’ll get to 95 wins … even good teams have a tough time playing .640 ball – while the optimists pile up example after example of teams who beat terrible odds to make it to the playoffs. Foremost would be our very own Mariners team of 1995, a team so dear to the soul of Seattle you’d think they actually won it all or something. And, of course, we can all sit here and trash the AL West as the dogs with fleas that they are; even though May has been like 10 Hiroshimas, we’re only 5.5 games back … but it’s going to require this team to Come Together like no team has ever Come Together before. It’s going to require the offense to start hitting up to career norms. It’s going to require the bullpen to get its shit together. And, most maddening of all, it’s going to require the starters to NOT regress to THEIR career norms. Let’s face it, I don’t think anyone believes we’re going to get THIS kind of domination out of Fister and Vargas all season. That’s all we need; the offense to start hitting as the rotations sucks shit.

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