A Paragraph With The Mariners – 33

The ArMAYgeddon is upon us. We are 2-5 on this particular road trip with one left today; we were 1-7 in the homestand this month, meaning that 11-12 April preceded a 3-12 May. There are 12 games left. Realistically, I’m predicting we go 4-8. Realistically, if we expect to contend for the rest of this season, we need to go 10-2 (including winning this game against Oakland and the 3-game road trip to Anaheim Los Angeles). All division games from here on out are going to be HUGE. By the way, last night Griffey was in the lineup as DH (vs. a left-handed pitcher) batting fifth. That means, according to our manager, Ken Griffey Jr. of 2010 was better than 4 of the bats in our lineup last night. Obviously, you can’t consider me the biggest Josh Bard fan in the world; and Tui and Josh Wilson are destined to be career backups … but what does that say about Casey Kotchman? Has he really fallen so out of favor? Remember what it was like to be 1-0? Then, remember how we lost the next two games in heartbreaking fashion? People like to say games in April don’t mean anything; but I’ve found that how your first series of the year ends up dictates how the rest of your season is going to go. Apparently, we’ve lost 11 games in the other team’s last at-bat.

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