A Paragraph With The Mariners – 34

Maybe if this WAS the best defensive unit of all time, then I could understand and maybe even live with the lack of an offense. But, let’s face it, all we really have is 2/3 of a great outfield and a short stop who can’t stay healthy for more than a month. Am I crazy about Jose Lopez’s job at third base so far? Why yes! But, that doesn’t mean he’s Adrian Beltre; he’s made the plays you have to make and still shown why he doesn’t have the range to either side to play second base. Figgins and Kotchman have been okay at their respective positions, but again they’re not the best ever; how hard is it really to go 200+ games at first base without an error if Kevin Youkilis did it? Which leads me to the catcher position. Or, as Lookout Landing likes to put it, “C”. Ooo, dripping with irony! I’m not gonna lie to you, Rob Johnson is pretty balls behind the plate. Forget about him stopping anything in the dirt; Dan Wilson TODAY could step in there and keep more pitches in front of him. I’m not gonna get on here and pile on Adam Moore because I’m still hoping he eventually turns out to be Mike Piazza; but Rob Johnson, Jesus Christ! The whole idea of having a defensive field general specialist behind the plate who can’t hit only works if he doesn’t lead the fucking league in passed balls and wild pitches allowed! Yeah, League uncorked a wild pitch last night in the 10th to let the runner go to third; but you know what? His most effective Out Pitch is his splitter, and he needs to have the fucking confidence to throw that shit in the dirt to get motherfuckers out! Rob Johnson, ipso facto, you need to catch that shit! Or you need to bat .300 and slug 20 homers, but you can’t be balls defense AND balls hitting. I won’t allow it. I think I know why Wak likes him so much; from what I understand Wak wasn’t a major league calibre catcher either.

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