A Paragraph With The Mariners – 37

Well I don’t know WHAT to say. Except I DO know what to say and it’s: I fucking told you so! Mike Sweeney, give the man some A-motherfuckin’-B’s and see what the motherfuck he can do! So, what did he do? How about 4-5 with TWO home runs and SIX runs batted in en route to a 15-8 win over the Padres (exsqueeze me? baking powder?). Yes, the Mariners truly lubed up their batting hands and had me coming all night long with that onslaught we will most likely never see again this season. In a game where Cliff Lee looked pretty average in just throwing anything that would get him into the 7th inning, where all the position players except for Lopez got at least 1 hit, where Bradley continued his Post-Rehab recovery with 3 hits, and where Josh Bard became our new starting catcher because he actually flashed some semblance of a pulse with a home run and a double. If last night happened 3 weeks ago in Cliff Lee’s first start (the one we blew in Extra Innings because Eric Byrnes is a choad), I’m convinced we wouldn’t have fallen in that bleak and irreversable tailspin we’ve been in SINCE that night 3 weeks ago. Call it a breath of fresh air, call it the lineup taking out their frustrations on the Padres, call it a load off of everyone’s minds, just cross your fingers and hope that we take this with us through the rest of the season. I don’t want to give up the ghost in May, I really don’t.

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