A Paragraph With The Mariners – 38

The Mariners haven’t won a series since April 28th. Theoretically, that isn’t that long of a time; three and a half weeks or so. But, in the world of baseball, that’s your season. Over a span of 8 series in May, 2010 has been decided. From here, we could play .500 ball the rest of the way and still be 12 games under. 12 games under won’t win you any division I’ve ever seen since baseball went to divisions. It’s insane to think that the Mariners could be anything better than .500 the rest of the way; it’s very reasonable and humbling to think that the Mariners could lose 3/4 of their games the rest of the way like they’ve done in May. Actually, we’re ever-so-slightly worse than losing 3/4 of our May games, but that’s neither here nor there. You have to hate it when you’re looking to Next Year and the 2nd month of the season hasn’t even passed you by, but this is the world we live in as Mariners fans. This is where we separate the Fair Weathers from the Die Hards. The Baseball Fans from the Mariners Fans. If it hasn’t happened already, which, let’s be honest, the butts in the seats have a way of telling you how the wind’s blowing. It’s probably a good thing for the organization that seemingly every single game has some sort of give-away. I have a feeling most people around here would have more confidence in the M’s fielding a team full of bobblehead dolls than the human counterparts we’ve got now. At least then you wouldn’t have to worry about whether the dolls are pressing or not.

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