A Paragraph With The Mariners – 39

I’m just kinda curious: who’s the idiot circus boy who devised this week’s Mariners schedule? Monday – off. Tuesday/Wednesday – vs. Detroit. Thursday – off. Friday/Saturday/Sunday – @ Anaheim Los Angeles. Monday-Thursday – vs. Minnesota. So, we’ve got two days off bookending a 2-game series, then go on the road for a 3-game series, then it’s RIGHT back home again. Not to mention this weekend’s Angels series is the start of 20 straight games … yeesh. Which, not for nothing, follows right into two MORE days off bookending a 3-game series. What gives? How about a little continuity? I mean, it’s not like I’m harboring any hope for success this season, but the least you could do is make a losing campaign a little more tolerable for the players. Boy will I be glad to see the month of May behind us. Not that June looks any better; but who knows? Maybe it’s just one of those things that rights itself with the flip of a calendar page. Or not.

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