A Paragraph With The Mariners – 40

Huzzah! Milton Bradley hath returned! And with him the force of a thousand freight trains, bashing baseballs this way and that. High and low, straight and bendy, fast and slow, he can hit them all and for a country mile to boot! Milton Bradley, he who designated hits, he who SHOULD designated hit more often to give chance for Michael Saunders to get into a groove. With Mike Sweeney spot-starting at First Base against lefties and getting the occasional DH day as well. This team could be better than it is. This team is also lucky it didn’t have to face Miguel Cabrera in yesterday’s game. May he father many many more children whenever Detroit plays the Mariners! And may Milton Bradley continue to swing a hot bat. With him and Guti and Ichiro, by golly that’s a whole THIRD of our lineup with the potential to produce and produce well! P.S. Another quality start for Mr. Douglas Fister. That’s, what, all but 2 so far this season? With one of those a 5-inning 1-run affair.

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