A Paragraph With The Mariners – 41

Man I’m retarded. I thought yesterday = the first Mariners Sweep of 2010 (and a 2-game one at that, to really ram the point home that the Mariners aren’t very good), but then I see we actually got a REAL series sweep in April against Baltimore. Whatever. You like stats, Stat Junkies? The Mariners are 4-1 at Safeco Field against the Detroit Tigers. Extrapolate that over the course of an entire season (162 games, all at Safeco, all against the Tigers) and the Mariners would be roughly 129-33, thereby SHATTERING the record for most wins in a season. If you’ll go with me here, I’ll start the petition to Major League Baseball to allow the Mariners to play all of their games at home and against the Tigers, with an addendum stating that Miguel Cabrera has to miss 65 games due to his wife/girlfriend(s) giving birth. Unfortunately, for THIS season, there are no more games at Safeco vs. Detroit. We may never win another series the rest of the year.

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