A Paragraph With The Mariners – 44

And what do you know? The 3 days I was at the Gorge were the 3 days I would’ve been driven to the edge of sanity with this fucking team. A 5-1 10-inning loss on Saturday (after a particularly impressive win the night before) on a Felix Hernandez start (I think I heard somewhere that this was the 7th consecutive loss on a Felix Hernandez start). Then, two paltry relievers were jettisoned (Texiera and Colome, worthless piles of crap). THEN, on Sunday, I got to hear part of the rubber match against the Angels, since we somehow got AM radio reception at our campground. Got to hear the part where the Mariners – behind the big bat of their newly promoted catcher Eliezer Alfonzo – raked to a 7-2 lead midway through the game. Didn’t find out until I got back home that the game ended up as a 9-7 defeat. Which would’ve made the 1-run defeat in Memorial Day’s home-opener against the Twins all the more demoralizing. Whew! Glad I missed all the crap! Woke up this morning to discover these very same Mariners beat up on these very same Twins 7-1 to open up June. We were 8-19 in May after 11-12 in April. That’s 19-31 over the first two months. Cliff Lee Trade Watch is in full effect. Also, Felix Hernandez Suicide Watch for signing that extension in the offseason.

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