A Paragraph With The Mariners – 46

The Seattle Mariners have given up 2 runs in their last 2 games (in taking the series with the Twins 3-1, with all three wins coming in the month of June) and it’s no coincidence. This, THIS, is how the organization drew it up in the offseason. One game, the mighty Cliff Lee goes 8 innings, giving up just the 1 run. The other game, King Felix goes 8 innings, giving up just the 1 run. Unfortunately, the shady part that the organization didn’t draw up too clearly couldn’t get Lee the W as it took a 9th inning umpire blunder before our inept offense pulled it out for League. This Felix game could’ve been the exact same, were it not for a 3-run bomb by the suddenly resurgent Jose Lopez (comfortable with his 3rd Base defense, is he?). Now, I’m not at a point to start counting chickens or anything; we’re still in last place in the worst division in baseball. I just want to sit here and bask in the calm glow of two consecutive games, two starts by two Ace Pitchers … while we still have them. While Felix is CERTAINLY no slouch and can be the most exciting player in baseball when he’s on, there is a lot to love about Cliff Lee’s style. He’s not a fireballer; he just dominates the edges of the plate, has pinpoint accuracy, works a fucking FAST game, and has the requisite bendy stuff to make his low-90s fastballs appear Farnsworth-esque. Take it all in, Mariners fans. Soak these last two days all up, because you’ve just witnessed two starts by the best pitching combo in team history (my apologies to Jamie Moyer and Jeff “1 Bad Pitch” Fassero).

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