A Paragraph With The Mariners – 48

The DL Days are hitting us pretty hard. Not only has Mark Lowe been M.I.A. for practically the entire season (thereby killing our bullpen effectiveness) with a back injury that probably won’t abate until September if at all this season, but Douglas Fister has a case of the Dead Arm that’s taken him out of commission for the last two or three starts. And NOW, Mr. Mike Sweeney is down for two weeks with a bum back (more of a chronic, lingering situation compared to Lowe’s absolute massacre). Then, of course, there’s Adam Moore and Josh Bard – two catchers who weren’t lighting the world on fire, but were showing a helluva lot more promise both catching and hitting balls compared to (we built this hitting on) Rob John-son. And I would be remiss if I didn’t bring up Jack Wilson’s longer-than-expected stint in rehab for whatever it is that’s ailing him (I think it’s a shoulder or a hamstring or something). That one’s actually killed us the least, as Josh Wilson (the last time I bothered to check) is hitting around .300 and flashing some solid glove at short. It’s too bad, though, because more or less these are all players I enjoy watching. It just goes to show the tried and true theory that the players you loathe always seem to remain healthy & sucking. Sean White, Rob Johnson, Casey Kotchman, Ian Snell: pictures of health all.

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