A Paragraph With The Mariners – 49

The Anniversary for D-Day happened over the weekend, which is kinda fitting because the M’s are facing their own 2010 Baseball Season D-Day here this week. With four games in Texas – and the Mariners seemingly needing to win all four just to hang around in this thing – Don Wakamatsu is throwing out the kitchen sink in order to get his team to perform. The biggest move is devoted to moving Figgins to the 9-hole. I can’t say I’m all that convinced this is a permanent move, but it’s something to do to shake things up. Milton Bradley was thrust into the 2-hole between Ichiro and Gutierrez (the only consistent hitters on this team), so hopefully that’ll mean he sees better pitches. And Kotchman has been benched in favor of Mike Carp, recalled from AAA Tacoma with Sweeney on the DL. I think Wak’s got the right idea and I think it’s long overdue. He’s tried to give players defined roles on this team, but for the most part they’re not doing shit WITH those roles. So, keep them on their toes, keep them guessing as to if and where they’ll play. No one but Ichiro and Gutierrez should be secure in their performances to date. But, it’s tough, because you can’t compare this team to a traditional team. There are no true 4 or 5 hitters; there are a bunch of 2 and 6 hitters though. Bradley, Kotchman, Sweeney, Lopez, Carp, or even Gutierrez for that matter have no business in that cleanup spot. That’s a slugger’s spot, and a slugger we ain’t got (unless they switched the definition to “slap-hitting strikeout machine”).

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