A Paragraph With The Mariners – 51

I could get on here today and try to make the case that “There’s Something Wrong With Felix”. But, I’m not gonna do that. Getting hammered in the later innings in a Texas summer is no cause for alarm (in spite of the fact that he’s been inconsistent at best this season, I still attribute it to a lack of focus due to a sucky team around him). Instead, I’m going to bombard you with something that means nothing whatsoever, but it’s something I like to do when I’m bored. And a 23-35 Mariners team bores the everloving out of me. Curious to see what the Mariners record is by Day Of The Week? I knew you were! Was yesterday’s Felix slip-up due to an overall struggle on Tuesdays? Glad you asked; in fact, the Seattle Mariners are a DOTW-Best 6-4 on Tuesdays (including yesterday’s disappointment). The only other DOTW where the M’s have a winning record is Wednesday (!) with 5-4. Wanna know the two days to NEVER see the Mariners play a baseball game? Try Saturday and Sunday, where they are a combined 3-15. Oh, you got that straight. Wanna know when I’m going to Las Vegas? Try Saturday and Sunday June 19th and 20th. Anyway, here’s the breakdown … Sun: 1-8, Mon: 3-4, Tues: 6-4, Wed: 5-4, Thurs: 2-3, Fri: 4-5, Sat: 2-7.

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