A Paragraph With The Mariners – 52

I can’t believe we’re even talking about this. Part of me wishes we could just rewind the last 6 weeks and do it over, but that probably wouldn’t do much good; this team is plain bad. But is it SO bad that there are already mutterings of the manager being shit-canned? I have little doubt that Don Wakamatsu will get at least the 2011 season to turn things around, but it’s still discouraging. The guy was JUST hired before last year! Part of me contends that you can’t keep changing regimes over and over again or your ballclub will just keep spinning its tires. But, the other part of me contends that the manager is just an old guy in a baseball uniform and he doesn’t really affect a ballclub’s wins and losses all that much. The fact of the matter is, I’m with Jackie-Z. I think this is the first guy in upper management – probably ever in my history of being a sports fan – who I’ve supported 100% because he doesn’t really make all that many dumb decisions. He’s building up the farm system, he’s ridding the organization of shitty players (check out Aumont’s numbers in Philly’s minor leagues and then tell me how much you love the Cliff Lee deal), and say what you will about the crap-tastic major league hitting we’ve got going now, but he did the best he could with what he had. He rolled the dice with who he had instead of bringing in some broken-down yutz like Jermaine Dye. I have no doubt Jackie-Z will figure out a way to bring in a few bats in the offseason. We’re just going to have to suck it up this year, roll with the punches when we lose games 12-2, hope some young bats mature in the next few months, and pray to Satan he rids this team of Rob Johnson and Sean White before I LITERALLY go on a kill-crazy rampage. And, we’re gonna have to cut Wak a little slack. He’s dealing with adversity for the first time and I still have faith that the man can manage as well as anybody else.

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