A Paragraph With The Mariners – 53

The thing that sucks about the season being “Officially Over” by June 10th is that there’s no way to please everyone. The smart fans, those who you’ll find running entire blogs devoted to the Mariners really just want the team to send all the crap who won’t be around next year away and start playing The Kids. Either ours or those we can pry from other teams; give them a shot at Major League Experience, and cross our fingers that they’ll be able to contribute in a meaningful way next year. I would put myself in that group (even though I don’t consider myself necessarily a Smart Fan, relative to what those guys know about stats and baseball in general). BUT, you can’t discount the stupid fans either. The casual fans, those who just want to go to Safeco for a good time on a Friday night, bring their kids, drink their beer, and root root root for the home team. They never believe the Mariners are out of it, even if they’re mathematically out of it (math = not their strong suit). These are the same fans who will get all bent out of shape because the team is playing a bunch of players nobody’s ever heard of (even if the logic is sound for the future of the ballclub, as mentioned above). In essence, these are the same people who in Indianapolis were threatening lawsuits because the Colts sat Peyton Manning and a bunch of other starters for the last couple games in an effort to preserve their health for a Super Bowl run; Fuck The Super Bowl! We want them to win meaningless games NOW! It’s really those stupid fans who are more vocal – even if they’re not running blogs or commenting on articles, who inevitably draw more attention from The Organization. And, let’s face it, Chuck Armstrong, Howard Lincoln, and Jackie Z all know the season’s “Officially Over”, but they can’t come out and tell that to everyone. That’s admitting failure, and you can’t God damn admit failure on June 10th or June 11th or God damn June 12th! So, they’ll continue tinkering with what they have. They’ll wait until the end of July is nigh and then they’ll make their trades. They’ll spout some bullshit about how they’re not giving up on their season and to prove it they’ll keep trotting out the same douchebags who won’t be with the team next year. Then, FINALLY, in September, with the call-ups, they’ll start sprinkling in some youth. Why bad teams always wait until September, I’ll never know. Ian Snell needs to go now. Casey Kotchman might as well be released too. And when Moore and Bard return, for the love of God get rid of Rob Johnson! And, as much as it pains me, Ryan Rowland-Smith has probably served up enough meatballs to earn his walking papers too. After Snell’s 9/11 on Wednesday, RRS had a prime opportunity to salvage not only his 2010, but maybe his major league career. Instead, he gave up 11 hits in yet another embarrassing loss to the Rangers (though it wasn’t all his fault, as there was something like 8 unearned runs yesterday).

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