A Paragraph With The Mariners – 57

Ian Snell has got to go, that much is clear. Either today, in the midst of this road trip, or whenever Douglas Fister gets off the DL; I don’t care when! If you have to, if there’s absolutely NOBODY in the minor leagues you can bring up for a tryout basis, then fine, keep Snell buried in the bullpen until Fister returns and you can cut his ass. We’re in a game, down only 4-2 in the middle innings, Snell comes in to relieve French who was pinch hit for in the prior inning thanks to playing in St. Louis, and promptly hands the Cardinals 4 more runs they didn’t even need! And what is it with Sean White? Even in a garbage inning he can’t help but give up 3 hits and a run! ESPN – which chose to televise the game even though it was apparent Cliff Lee wasn’t going to be anywhere near the pitching mound – showed a graphic of our bullpen. Last in the league in number of Losses. In the bottom two or three in Blown Saves and E.R.A. Not to mention we’re probably the worst in the league in 1-run losses … though that hasn’t really been a problem lately since overall our pitching has given us the courtesy as fans to not sweat out the late innings in a miserable season. Blowouts galore, egads! By the way, anybody going to be in Seattle this Friday? It’s the Junior & Ichiro Cooperstown Bound Bobblehead Night. I just want to know when I can get my hands on the Rob Johnson Three-Strikeout Drops-A-Ball Bobblehead Night. Shame not included.

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