A Paragraph With The Mariners – 60

I may be giving this year’s Mariners team a lot of grief for underperforming and generally being a collosal disappointment. BUT, has any other year’s team won me ANY gambling money, let alone $75 in my first two days in Las Vegas? AND I didn’t even have to bet against the Good Guys! Yes indeed, it came at the expense of the Cincinnati Reds; no, unfortunately not from the hands of Pete Rose. Of course, it took the combined complete game efforts of Cliff Lee on Friday and Felix Hernandez on Saturday. Yes, the Mariners were favorites in both games, so my $50 wager on Lee garnered me an additional $32 (approximately). I put down $80 on Felix and came back with an additional $44 or so. Sadly, I was unable to have such faith in Sunday’s starter, but Ryan Rowland-Smith did the seeming impossible by going 6 shutout innings as the Mariners won again 1-0. Three games, 1 run allowed, one helluva time to not see a minute of action. Today’s an off day before an attendance-starved 3-game series against the Cubs where surely fans of the out-of-towners will outnumber those for the locals. To encourage late-arrivals, the Mariners plan on underwhelming on the field so Cubs fans can know what it’s like to root for a winning ballclub.

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