A Paragraph With The Mariners – 63

All I can really say is Poor Felix. At this point, with June winding down, the season becomes all about individual stats. Yeah, you can still root for the team, because they’re your team, but what’s more important is seeing guys like Felix, Lee, and Vargas get wins. It’s seeing if Doug Fister can keep that ERA microscopic (whenever the hell he returns from Dead Arm). It’s Ichiro getting to 200 hits and maybe contending for a batting title. It’s seeing if guys like Figgins, Lopez, Bradley, and Kotchman can get their numbers back up to where they’re accustomed. And, of course, it’s seeing guys like Saunders and whoever we pick up for Lee get valuable major league experience in hopes that they improve enough to show flashes of greatness for next year and beyond. That’s probably the most exciting thing of all. Since we’re not the Yankees or Red Sox, it’s all the more important that younger guys under Team Control carry a good portion of the load. Contrary to the Bavasi Plan, you can’t fill your team with Free Agent contracts. Regardless, yesterday’s game looked like a tough extra innings game to swallow. But not because we lost another game in the standings to the Rangers. Because Felix went 9, gave up 2, and got a No Decision that could’ve just as easily been a Win had he not been on a team full of AAA hitters.

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