A Paragraph With The Mariners – 65

We probably should’ve lost this game today. But, then again, we probably should’ve won the last two, so I guess we’re even? However, with a shot bullpen and a Mr. Douglas Fister returning from Dead Arm with an 80-pitch count, somehow we got it done. Thanks to Brian Sweeney’s four shutout innings and two-count-’em-TWO home runs by the offense, M’s win! M’s win! Who’s Brian Sweeney? Exactly. Fister looked tired at times, sharp at times, and quite hittable the rest of the time, but this is the Brewers and say what you will about the Zombie Pilots, these fuckers can hit a ball around. I’m just happy to have Fister back in the fold; hope he can go the rest of the season with no more Dead Arm. At best, he makes an already-solid rotation that much better by bumping a still-struggling Rowland-Smith to the bullpen. At worst, he fills in for a traded Cliff Lee and I die a little inside. Couple things to consider: Bedard is making a rehab start very soon. Also Ichiro is batting .338, good for 5th in the AL (which, incidentally is 5th in MLB; God how pathetic is the NL?).

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