A Paragraph With The Mariners – 68

If your goal was to watch one and only one Mariners game this year on television and you’ve yet to fill your quota, make TONIGHT your Mariners Game To See. 4:05pm PDT. The Mariners are in New York to play the Yankees. The odds are heavily favoring this being Cliff Lee’s Last Start (with the Mariners), and I don’t think you’ll find a better pitcher’s duel on the planet. Going for the Yanks is Phil Hughes, he of the 10-1 record and the 3.17 ERA. But, that’s not very important, because it doesn’t necessarily take a winning record or a low ERA to pound the Mariners into submission (see: Sunday’s game at Milwaukee). What’s important is how Cliff Lee does. It’s too bad ESPN didn’t buy the rights to this game, because I think there are probably a dozen teams who’d be interested in seeing how Lee does in the bright lights and bushy tails of The Bronx. Wouldn’t count on the Yankees necessarily being buyers in this Cliff Lee Market, but then again you never know. They might want to put the cock-block on the Red Sox or Twins … either way, if you give a shit about baseball at all, or the Mariners specifically, look for tonight’s game to be a good one. I’m gonna try to figure out a way to catch some of this, even though it’s happening right as I’m at the gym … fuck me.

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