A Paragraph With The Mariners – 69

Oh Mr. Lee, is there anything you CAN’T do? Just so you know, I’m going to continue updating his stats here every time he makes a start until he stops making them for the Mariners. With yesterday’s complete game victory over the Yankees, he’s now 7-3 (12 starts, 5 CG’s, 1 Sho). In 95.2 innings (averaging damn near 8 innings per outing), Cliff Lee has given us a 2.45 ERA, with only 83 hits, 5(!) walks, and 78 strike outs. His batting average against is a paltry .227, and he’s given up only 5 home runs (2 by Nick Swisher alone, of all people). And, returning to the complete games, he’s gone all 9 in the last three he’s started, as well as 4 of the last 5. Getting off of Cliff Lee for a second, the Mariners are 13-13 in the month of June with one game to go tonight. I’d like to take this opportunity to jinx the Mariners (and Felix) by saying we COULD be a game over .500 for June with a win tonight in New York. God damn you month of May, look what you did to me! Look at what you did to our season! May is the reason we’re in last place, MAY is the reason we’re looking to dish Cliff Lee to some contender for a whole mess of prospects … I can’t stand it.

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