A Paragraph With The Mariners – 73

My love affair with Cliff Lee continues. This time, yesterday, salvaging a game in Detroit with 8 innings, 1 run, and a bunch of strike outs. I’m not gonna lie to you, Detroit and New York might have the best offenses in baseball, and Lee just shut ’em down in back to back outings. And for his efforts, in spite of the fact that he missed April with injury, Cliff Lee is an All Star alongside Ichiro and, to my disgruntlement, not alongside Felix who was snubbed (albeit, not an egregious one, but a snub nonetheless). Is there anything Cliff Lee CAN’T do? Like, if he wanted to, could he rebuild an engine to a 1980 Camaro? Could he write a computer program that would give Ms. Pacman a sex change? Could he put a man on the damned MOON for crying out loud? You got me. His next start, should he still be around, will be this Friday against the Yankees (I think). Then, it’s hang-on time for the next four days until the All Star Game. Will Cliff Lee be in a Mariners jersey? I kinda hope so; I like it when the nation is talking about one of our guys, even if he is just a trade chip for someone else’s World Series dreams.

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