A Paragraph With The Mariners – 75

Since I stopped watching after Rowland-Smith got out of the 7th (and went to bed), I never saw the moron fan grab the live ball and deprive the Mariners a chance to tie the game against Kansas City’s bullpen (with Ichiro readying to round third on the Branyan double). So, that won’t be a blip of a memory after today. You know what REALLY bugs me? The Royals beating the Mariners. Specifically when it’s precisely those unwanted EX-Mariners who are doing the beating. Now, to be fair, Scott Podsednik was a Mariner for all of 19 games and 26 at bats over two seasons (grabbing 5 hits and an obscene 8 RBI in the process). Yeah, he could’ve been an inexpensive solution to our never-ending problem with Left Field (career .279 hitter with a .340 OBP and 290 stolen bases), but to lump him in with the crap that is Yuniesky Betancourt or Willie Bloomquist, who sucked with us for so SO LONG, is disingenuous at best. Yuni in particular. Good God, I don’t know what his average is against us since we shipped his ass off to the midwest for a bag of batting donuts, but he is MURDERING us at every turn! Not that I miss him one bit; he’s still the guy who sucks a lot of dick when playing against everyone else. Still the guy who can’t get a walk to save his life. Still the guy who will swing at any and every pitch like he’s Vlad. No, the one that hurts is Jose Guillen. Would’ve been nice having him around last year. Would’ve been REALLY nice having him around this year. Of course, that having been said, it also would’ve been nice for him to stay healthy, but that’s neither here nor there. By the by, don’t look now but the Mariners are 1-5 in the month of July with 5 games until the All Star Break. The Seattle Mariners never suck as bad as they do heading into the All Star Break. Everyone’s just a LITTLE too on cruise control.

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