A Paragraph With The Mariners – 79

And it’s the Rangers! My prayers have been answered … sort of. It’d be a whole helluva lot more easier to root for an NL team, or an AL Central team, or The Rays, but the Not Yankees will have to do I suppose. What’s better, it appears we USED the Yankees to get the Rangers to drive up their bid! Ha! That’s for 2001 you chickenfuckers! That’s for Roider Clemens and his fucking 1-hitter in the playoffs! That’s for David Justice off of Arthur Rhodes! Suck my dick you fucking Yankee pricks! I hope you choke on the battery-acid taste of AL Championship Series defeat you fucking fucks! Of course, it’d be nice to see the Rangers go down too. I’ll root for Cliff Lee, and against every other asshole on that team. It’d be nice to really stick it to them: they unload some sweet prospects for a 3-month rental and no hope to sign him to an extension – essentially going for the World Series this year – and end up on their asses. That’ll be for giving A-Rod $250 million and initiating this era of fucked-up baseball contracts! Then again, the fact that their team was in so much turmoil for so long due to that ill-advised deal … I guess that’s punishment enough, right? Nah, they’re still in our division and I’m still steaming over Juan Gon getting the ’96 AL MVP over our very own A-Rod when he was still young and promising and charming as all get-out. Screw the Rangers. But, all the best to Cliff Lee; I know I’ll take half the pride for your Cy Young this year. You’re one of the good ones. Maybe we’ll see you around in the offseason free agent talks.

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