A Paragraph With The Mariners – 82

Dustin Ackley, in his 2nd at-bat in his 1st game with AAA Tacoma, hit a home run. But, this one’s about Mr. Douglas Fister. He’s been back for 4 starts since his month-long DL stint, and he certainly hasn’t been the same Douglas Fister. On the last day of May, Fister’s ERA was 2.45 – one of the lowest in the major leagues. Since he’s returned, that ERA has shot up to 3.50. Again, only 4 starts (and against some pretty good offenses, I might add in Milwaukee, Detroit, KC, and Anaheim). Is it due to the injury? Is it the caliber of offenses he’s faced? Or is this just the chickens coming home to roost. Let’s face it, the man is by no means a strikeout machine. And he doesn’t have that Vargasian change-up that causes so many professional hitters to just roll over and die. Fister has mostly gotten this far on pinpoint control and a little luck. Since his return from the DL, you could say the control’s been a little lacking. Or, you could say that luck’s run out and he’s regressing back to the mean. What’s that for Fister? Without a viable out pitch, I’d say an ERA somewhere in the 4’s. Anything higher than 5 and he ceases being of value. Let’s face it, if he doesn’t develop into an innings-eating starter with microscopic control, his might not be the longest of professional careers. I hope that’s not the case; I like the guy. Regardless, he’ll be in our rotation the rest of the season so long as he stays healthy. Maybe he can feast on some crap offenses down the road.

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