A Paragraph With The Mariners – 83

I love Ron Fairly, okay? There, I said it. I miss that gruff, repetitive bastard. I miss that gruff, repetitive bastard. Well, for anyone around a radio this weekend, he’s been doing games with Rick Rizzs what with Dave Niehaus being on vacation this week. For the most part, I don’t have a problem with the rotation of guys the Mariners use to announce their games on television and radio. I even understand why they have Niehaus only going 3 innings on TV before doing the rest on radio. What I kinda don’t understand is why Dave Sims was brought in to do the other 6 television innings, when they already had (and still do have) a perfectly capable and likeable guy in Rick Rizzs – who’s been demoted for a few seasons now to being exclusively radio. It’s not that I dislike Dave Sims – or really have much of an opinion at all about Dave Sims – it’s just that Rizzs is the man! And, in lieu of Ron Fairly leaving the team at the end of 2006, we brought in Mike Blowers – another guy I don’t really have much of an opinion about. The best compliment I can give Blowers is that he’s not Tim McCarver – the most annoying man in the history of Men Talking On Television. So, I guess I better refrain from ever complaining about Blowers or Sims or anyone else. No, I’m not worried about Tim McCarver slumming it up following the Mariners around all season. But, you never know who’ll be the NEXT Tim McCarver … ye gods, that’s a frightening thought (I imagine it would sound a lot like Dave Valle)

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