A Paragraph With The Mariners – 84

It was kind of an ugly series over the weekend, even though we won the last game in extra innings and lost the middle two by 1 run apiece. It just never felt like we were in either of those middle games, with the horrid hitting in Felix’s start and the horrid pitching in Rowland-Smith’s start. Thank Christ for Vargas, with his season-high in strike outs. The fact that it took until the extra innings is a testament to how bad the offense is. Now, I don’t know if Ron Fairly was smoking crack rock when he made the statement, but when the Mariners scored in the 10th inning, he said it was only the 2nd extra-innings run we’ve scored all year. Truth be told, this WAS only the 2nd extra-innings win we’ve accumulated all season, which is supremely sad. FYI, Vargas has 7 Quality Starts in his last 9 (a Quality Start being at least 6 innings pitched and 3 runs allowed or fewer). To compare, Felix has 7 Quality Starts in his last 8 (though, to be fair, Felix has 12 Quality Starts in his last 13, with 4 complete games in that stretch). Did you know Felix’s middle name is Abraham?

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