A Paragraph With The Mariners – 87

This season has been one long, neverending stream of shit hitting the fan – those blades have REALLY got to stink at this point – and here’s yet another turd: Erik Bedard, likely not to pitch in 2010. Something tells me I REALLY should’ve made more of an effort to go to that rehab start in Tacoma; that might be the last we ever see of the guy who cost us 5 prospects. I probably applauded louder than anyone when the Mariners took a flyer on Bedard in the offseason. It was a cheap way to perhaps install another Ace into our rotation come mid-season. Then May rolled around and it turned into a potential Feel-Good story to salvage something positive out of 2010 and perhaps give us reason to hope for 2011. Now, it’s just a fucking 3-legged horse with multiple arrows sticking out of its body, lying on its side gasping for its last breaths … getting the SHIT beat out of it. We were warned. Don’t get your hopes up. Even in the best-case scenarios, these types of labrum injuries take a couple years to recover from (see: Chris Carpenter). But, in the more likely scenarios, you just never recover, no matter how hard you work. This feels like one of those. Which is too bad. I always liked Bedard even if I’ve grown to resent what we gave up to get him. He was a bulldog on the mound – because he was tough as nails on hitters and he was tough as nails PERIOD considering the pain he endured to pitch. I hope I’m wrong. I hope he makes it back to the majors. Hell, I don’t even care if it’s with the M’s or not; I’d just like to see him make good on all this brutal rehabbing and setbacking he’s had to go through. I think he’s earned it.

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