A Paragraph With The Mariners – 88

Jose Lopez is the man on everyone’s mind this morning, even as the Mariners win in dramatic fashion in 11 innings. Jose Lopez, who has been a giant tub of shit this year, was doubled off at 1st Base when he was the trailing runner in a tie ball game in the bottom of the 9th. Essentially, his run meant nothing (as there was a runner at 2nd Base). So, when the White Sox right fielder made a diving catch and an off-balance throw to 1st, there really was no reason for Lopez to have been doubled off. But, there you have it. An idiot, in our midst. Of course, on MY mind is Wak and all his excuse-making for this team’s retarded decision-making. This season has been a fucking non-stop blooper reel of asinine base-running errors (last night with Lopez; earlier this week with Milton Bradley on 1st who just kept on running as the short stop caught a weak line drive; earlier this month when Ichiro was on 2nd, the ball was grounded to short, and he just kept on running, getting tagged out at 3rd … I could go on); yet, Wak ALWAYS has some dumb excuse for some dumb play made by this team. Discipline. For as much as this team is lacking in home run power, in production in the middle of the order, in moving runners over, in getting a flyball to the outfield with a man on 3rd and less than two outs, in executing the contact play with a runner on 3rd and NOT hitting it to the fucking 3rd baseman every single FUCKING time … this team actually lags further behind in overall discipline than anything else. And that’s indicative of the Field Manager. Wak. He could earn a lot of points with me, and every other Mariners fan still paying attention, by simply doing one thing: bench Jose Lopez. Make an example out of him. And don’t do this half-ass shit where you put Figgins in the 9-hole for a couple games. I mean BENCH him. For the rest of the month. For the rest of the season. If some sucker team wants to take him on, so be it, but no fan wants to watch Jose Lopez dog it out there on the field anymore.

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