The Down & Up & Down Game @ Safeco Field

I would be remiss if I didn’t give THIS game its own post. Especially since I was there and watched nearly all of it.

This game was a joke from the beginning. I knew it, everyone there knew it. I wasn’t taking our chances seriously one bit when I saw Ryan Rowland-Smith vs. John Lackey. No, Lackey isn’t any kind of prize pig, but RRS … against this Red Sox offense … YEEESH.

So, really, it was no surprise that we were down 6-1 in short order. RRS went 6 innings, gave up 5. The bullpen guys came in and – aside from a solo homer in the 7th – pretty much did an amazing job for once. Jamey Wright even went THREE shutout innings! All that aside, this was a pretty standard Mariners game from the first to the eighth.

Except, of course, even with the terribleness of this Mariners offense, you never expect them to get No Hit by the likes of fucking John Lackey. He gave up a run early by giving up a walk, a stolen base, a fielder’s choice, and a passed ball. In the 3rd inning, when we were down 3-1, I mentioned to Nate – mostly as a lark – “We could still be no-hit here.”

Little did I know that into the 8th inning, there we’d be, STILL being no-hit by fucking John Lackey. Oh how I HATE John Lackey, the overpaid son of a bitch. He’s the Barry Zito of the American League and I hope he rots in hell over in Beantown.

I JUMPED for joy as Josh Bard of all people broke up the no-no with a sharp single into Right Center! I clapped not a bit for the pitcher who just lost his bid. I was giddy for the game to end so I could come on here and rub it in Lackey’s face.

Little did I know.

The Sox brought in Manny Delcarmen, as Lackey was already well over 100 pitches after the 8th. This game was all ready to be signed, sealed, and delivered as your Average 2010 Mariners Game. He promptly went and let Figgins get on, then gave up a 2-run homer to Guti. That made it 6-3. THEN, he walked Jose Lopez and saw Milton Bradley reach on an error from the shortstop that could’ve conceivably turned two.

From there, he was pulled in favor of the closer, Ron Crapplebon. Who we hate. As rational and understanding human beings, because he’s a douche.

There was Kotchman’s double to make it 6-4 with runners on 2nd and 3rd. Then the hero of the day Josh Bard drew a tough walk to load ’em up. THEN, with one out, Jack Wilson came to the plate. He bounced one to short, who dumped it to Bill Hall at 2nd for the 2nd out, but the throw to first went wide and two more runs scored to tie it up! Ichiro was walked intentionally, and Figgins couldn’t bring home the win. So we went to extras.

From here, it looked EXACTLY like your Average 2010 Mariners Game. Good pitching for a bit, no hitting, loading the bases with less than 2 out in the 12th and failing to get the run in thank you Jose Lopez I hope you die. Finally, they brought in Garrett Olson, and I knew it was only a matter of time. He would be in there for the long haul, until we started letting reserve players pitch. He managed to go 1 scoreless inning, but couldn’t go two.

The Red Sox scored 2 runs in the top of the 13th with a double to left center. Immediately after, I got up to leave the stadium.

Good game though. Biggest 9th Inning Comeback in Mariners History. Had Terrace Club seats courtesy of Nate Myles Long. A night that was supposed to be a 2.5 hour lopsided Mariners loss turned into one of the more memorable games I’ll probably ever see. And, to be able to say that John Lackey went from No-Hitter to No-Decision just made it all the better.

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